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Monday, May 29, 2023
General Lien vs Particular Lien - Key Differences

General Lien vs Particular Lien – Definition, Example, Differences

Key Differences between General Lien and Particular Lien – Definition with Examples explained in simple words – Before we discuss difference between General lien...
certificate of deposit eligibility features

Certificate of Deposit (CD) – Definition, Features, Eligibility

Certificate of Deposit (CD) Definition : A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a negotiable money market instrument issued in dematerialised form against fund deposited...
Commercial Paper Definition eligibility advantages disadvantages

Commercial Paper – Definition, Eligibility, Advantages, Disadvantages

Definition : Commercial Paper (CP) is an unsecured and negotiable money market instrument issued in the form of promissory note by highly rated corporate...
What is Treasury Bill (T-Bill) Features Types Importance

What is Treasury Bill (T-Bill) – Features, Types, Importance

What is Treasury Bill - Important for JAIIB, Unit 4 of Principles and Practices of Banking Notes. Treasury bill (T-bill) is an instrument of...
Call Money, Notice Money, Term Money

Money Market – Call Money, Notice Money, Term Money – Explained

Money Market is market for short term funds with expiry or maturity ranging from overnight to one year. Money Market is key component of...
What is Wholesale Banking - Products Portfolio

What is Wholesale Banking – Definition, Products Portfolio

Wholesale Banking Definition and Meaning, Products Portfolio - Wholesale Banking refers to doing banking business with industries and business entities like large scale corporates,...
What is Retail Banking - Short Notes JAIIB PPB

What is Retail Banking – Retail Products Portfolio and Opportunities in India

What is Retail Banking, Retail Products Portfolio, Unit 3 Short Notes for JAIIB - Commercial Banks deal with different categories of customers like individuals,...
Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs)

Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) – Definition, Types of NBFCs

A Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) refer to those companies which does not hold a bank license but are engaged in financial related activities. Non...