Rare bank cheque signed and filled by Abraham Lincoln expected to sell at USD 12000 at an aunction in US – A rare bank cheque, filled out and signed by former US President Abraham Lincoln in 1864, is expected to sell for USD 12,000 at an auction in the US.

Lincoln had opened an account at Riggs & Co shortly before Civil War hostilities began.

Abraham Loncoln signed rare bank cheque auction USD 12000
Abraham Loncoln signed rare bank cheque auction USD 12000

The Civil War-dated Riggs & Co bank cheque is dated November 18, 1864 and payable to self for USD 50. It is signed as “A  Lincoln”.

Ten days before filling out the cheque, Lincoln was re-elected to the White House by a huge electoral majority, taking 221 votes to George B McClellan’s 21 votes.

Lincoln’s presidential cheques against Riggs & Co — the premier Washington DC bank of the time — are far rarer than his pre-presidential Springfield cheques, and are worth substantially more signed as president, according to the RR Auction in the US.

The cheque is one of numerous items currently up for auction which will end on December 6.

Source : PTI


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