In our last article we discussed about what is travelers check and various features. One of our readers asked a question – do Amex travelers checks expire? We will discuss the question here in the end of this article and also how to cash Amex Travelers checks. Travelers’ checks were once most popular mode of payment for vacation in foreign countries. But introductions of other prepaid instruments, debit or credit card, ATMs etc outdated the Travelers checks.

American Express Travelers Checks

Amex Travelers checks are available in seven different currencies – USD, Canadian dollar, Pound sterling, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan & Euro. Payments through Travelers check protect you against identity theft.

Do Amex Travelers Checks Expire - How to Cash Amex Travelers Checks
American Express Travelers Checks never expire. Unused Travelers Checks can be used for future payments.

If you also have Amex travelers checks with you and facing problem to cash them. Then this article is for you. Here we will discuss in detail about how to cash American Express Travelers Checks.

How to use American Express Travelers Checks

  • Immediately sign – each Check in the top left corner to help protect yourself in case of loss or theft.
  • Keep separate – Keep your Checks’ serial numbers with you when you travel, but keep them separate from your Checks.
  • Safeguard – your travelers Checks as you would a like amount of cash.
  • Countersign – When you are ready to use your Checks, countersign each Check in front of the teller or cashier.
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Where to use Amex Travelers Checks

  • You can exchange your travelers check with local currency in your destination country.
  • You can use travelers check to pay directly for goods and services at accepting retailers, hotels, restaurants etc.

Documents Required

There are thousands of locations around the world where you can exchange your travelers checks for local currency. You must have following documents with you –

  • Photo ID Card
  • Original Purchase Receipt when you travel.
  • Commission charges may apply

Where I can cash American Express Travelers Checks?

You can cash American Express Travelers checks at thousands of location worldwide. Several banks and merchants throughout the world allow you to cash American Express Travelers checks. You must go through correct procedures and present the proper identification to cash Travelers checks.

Stepwise Procedure – How to cash American Express Travelers Checks

You must follow these steps to cash Amex Travelers Checks –

Step 1 – Visit a foreign exchange, merchant, hotels, restaurants or bank that accepts American express Travelers checks. Get local currency in exchange to Travelers checks, to make payments at hotels, restaurants, retail outlets and shops.

Step 2 – Write the current date in upper right corner of the travelers check in the designated area, as you do in regular checks.

Step 3 Write the merchant name or payee name on the “pay to the order” line in the middle of the check.

Step 4 – Sign the check in designated area located in lower left corner in front of teller or cashier. Your signature should match the original signature on check.

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Step 5 – Attach the relevant documents along with travelers check for identification. Valid identification documents include passport, driving license or any state issued ID card.

Do Amex Travelers Checks Expire?

You must note that no expiry date is one of key features of Travelers checks.

  • American Express Travelers Checks never expire.
  • You can keep with you unused travelers checks.
  • Unused Travelers Checks can be used for future payments.


American Express travelers checks are globally recognized and trusted form of payment. Travelers’ Checks are easy and safe to use. They protect your money whenever you travel. If they are lost or stolen, issuer will refund with a new one. Travelers’ checks are accepted at thousands of locations worldwide. We recommend you to contact with exchange to verify exchange fees, restrictions, exchange rates or other charges.


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